2020 AMEC/TEAC National Virtual Aircraft Maintenance Conference – #AMECTEAC2020

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A Message from President Sam Longo – April 2020

Hello fellow AME’s across Canada. As you all know 2020 is shaping up to be an extremely challenging year. In addition the last month in particular has also been life threatening due to COVID-19.  Many of you have had to continue working to maintain aircraft working shoulder to shoulder with your fellow technicians. Many of these flights are more crucial than ever to get Canadians home safe and sound to their families. For this, all Canadians are eternally grateful.

Now as the aviation world slowly grinds to a halt many of you are facing lay-offs and uncertain futures once the immediate danger has passed. I urge you all to hang in there, this industry has always had its ups and downs and it will bounce back as it always does. Your dedication to your profession will see you through to better times. Take this opportunity to enjoy time with your families, devoid of shiftwork and try to make the best of it. Reach out to friends and family through social media and check in on those who may need a helping hand. Please remember that whatever challenges you are facing we are all in this together. Be compassionate, as there may be others with much greater needs and concerns.

I urge you all to practice social distancing, do your best to be good Samaritans, good citizens and strong Canadians.

Stay Safe!


Sam Longo
President AMEC/TEAC





  • To hold in high regard the safety of those persons affected by the Aviation Maintenance occupations, to promote safe practices in the workplace and to recognize that safety is the cornerstone of the aviation industry.
  • To provide a national forum for Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and more particularly to promote and mentor our occupation, distinguishing and highlighting the roll of Aircraft Maintenance Professionals in the aviation workforce.
  • To constitute a body through which the views and objectives of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Technicians, Approved Maintenance Organizations and others may be represented at the Canadian and global level. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers of Canada will be available for advice or consultation on all questions, policy matters, and all other areas of the aviation industry which affects or may affect the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and all members in the aircraft maintenance industry.
  • To constitute a body which is recognized, and available for consultation regarding the regulation of any matter in the aviation industry, which may affect the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and all other persons in the aircraft maintenance industry.
  • To influence and obtain recognition from various government and aviation agencies, corporations and training facilities which may have an impact on the aviation maintenance industry.
  • To facilitate the interchange between regions of Canada relating to their views of the aviation maintenance industry, or to any other matter, which may be of common interest to our members.
  • To disseminate technical or other information which relates to the occupation of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or to the aviation industry professionals in general.
  • To maintain a high standard in the aviation industry, and in particular the licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and all other Aviation Maintenance Professionals.